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Über Uns

English By Doing was inspired by my years of experiences learning with lots of people. First, by my experiences as a workshop leader in schools in Hamburg and the Berkshire region in the United States and secondly, as an English teacher for firms and organizations such as the Bildung und Integration e. V in Hamburg. EBD was also inspired by my experiences while learning English since I grew up in a country where most people rarely speak it at home.

The various experiences taught me that different people absorb information in different ways; some absorb new information by reading or hearing, others by relating it to their own lives and putting it into practice.

EBD is a practical way to learn English through practice and visualization.

Whether you are in the business world, in school or at home, our goal is to create for you a culture that affords you the flexibility and the capacity to be an effective communicator in English. Join us!

Wir arbeiten derzeit an einer deutschen Übersetzung. Bitte habt noch etwas Geduld.

Wir leben in einer Welt, in der Englisch eine wahrhaft globale Sprache ist. Eine, die Leute aller Nationalitäten und unterschiedlichster Herkunft verbindet.

  • Mohammed Adawu
  • After years of working with young persons as a tutor (both privtely and for companies), counselor, and workshop leader both in the United States and here in Hamburg, I was inspired to found English By Doing as a way to share those experiences with an even larger audience.
    One thing that I have learned over the years is that many people learn better by doing and seeing what is being taught. Whether it is a writing and thinking workshop, presentation or public speaking, a movie night or a day out and about, our goal is to expose students/participants to a wide range of subjects relevant to their education or profession as well as their personal development.

    Come and experience the most conducive atmosphere for English learning, cultural exchange, and socialization.



Business English:

Business Englisch

We recognize that proper communication with diverse stakeholders is central to the operation and the success of many companies in Hamburg and beyond. At EBD, our goal is to ensure that proper communication in English does not stand in the way of the success of your company.

While most language schools narrow the ability to teach English to having an ESL or TOEFL certification, we at EBD recognize that certification alone is not enough. Our coaching staff is not only certified, but it is also trained as to how to engage with learners.

We help our staff identify teaching materials that are both interesting and relevant to the personal and occupational development of their students. Doing so encourages participation and allows students to be able to speak freely and fluently over time.

We can provide both group and individual lessons at your company or somewhere else depending on your situation. Please inform us about your situation and together we will be able to work out an appropriate plan.


English Camp for Young Adults

Englisch Camp für junge Erwachsene

Working with young adults is a big part of what we do here at EBD. Our goal is to expand the learning environment beyond the classroom. We do so by introducing participants to a variety of subjects that are relevant to their personal and academic lives in a social, creative, and non-academic setting. We open their eyes to the diverse world around them and encourage them to play active roles in shaping it, all while speaking English.


Everyday English


Coming into contact with people who do not speak our language is an almost everyday occurrence. Whether it is a customer, a friend, a colleague or a tourist guide, it makes a world of difference if you can understand him or her.

At EBD, we have a team of English coaches whose diverse backgrounds make them uniquely qualified to guide you on how to interact with people from different places. They are here to help you overcome the hurdles in your way of speaking English freely and fluently with the ones that matter to you. Classes can take place either in a group setting or on an individual basis.

Are you looking to improve an aspect or two of your English speaking, writing or comprehension skills? If so, the coaching staff at EBD is ready to work with you!


Editing & Proofreading


Readers ability to understand what we write matters to us. However, this is often made difficult by grammatical errors, sentence misplacement, and redundancies. Since the mistakes we make are unintentional, they can be difficult to detect. Whatever the challenge is, the EBD staff is here to help you overcome them.




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  • ... is one of our top priorities. Our rates depend on a number of factors including size and number of classes, duration and special needs. Call or email us to learn more.